image of a wax melting pot, cotton cloth, a few cubes of beewswax, and a couple of paintbrushes

Sustainable Saturdays is a new monthly program focused on exploring small ways to reduce our impact on the environment.

For our first workshop, we will be learning to make Beeswax Wraps for food storage.  Everyone will be able to make 3 wraps of varying sized wraps and instructions for their care and use.

Beeswax wrap, or beeswrap, is a sustainable food wrap that can be reused over and over for about a year. It's breathable and keeps food fresh for longer. Beeswax wrap is heat-activated—you can shape it around food or a bowl by heating the wrap with your hands, which softens the beeswax and creates a seal. Beeswax wraps are an alternative to conventional methods of covering foods. They are washable and reusable, cutting down on waste as well as being a healthier, chemical-free option.

Registration is required.  Space is limited to 15 guests.  Open to ages 18+.  Holbrook Library card holders can register beginning 1/27/2024.  Open general registration will begin Feb. 22.